Welcome to COBA-cc!

COBA is the Conventional Online Buzzer Application. It was written originally in March 2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to enable the Quiz Bowl community to continue to hang out and play games!

COBA-cc is a complete redesign of the original COBA formula, with the aim of making it work for large numbers of users around the world. The "cc" can alternatively mean "Carbon Copy", "Cloud-Compute", or "Completely Crazy" depending on how you look at it. I'm excited to bring it to you since I feel it represents a major breakthrough for online quiz bowl!

Practice Rooms

I've seen a large number of requests for small one-room events; Every COBA user can get their own game room for personal use by going to their profile page! This room is yours to use at any time, not only during an event window!

UPDATE: April 2021

In anticipation of Nationals season, I have made a few performance improvements to the site; this should allow slightly-better latency correction on the buzzer and will permit future changes to support two-hands-on-camera play. These features are now released in an opt-in format. This will become the default by nationals season.

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